Founder, Konark Literature Festival

Biswajit Mishra
A man with multiple swords, an x-AirForce Banker, also an author of a Novel while being an Advisor to a Mega Event Organization has envisioned him an arena for impeccable imaginations and immaculate expressions getting exchanged under an umbrella. His principle and agile determination blend his ambition… a class of its own…! He is convinced to spread the essence where ‘Writers meet a Writer and Authors meet an Author’. He believes a book is not a business but a passion to be involved with.

Being the successful to propagate the contemporary break-ups chilled in romantic fiction, presenting the female protagonist in the first person has begged too many  Literary quest & appreciations over his philanthropic title  ‘An Unmatched Couple’s Misfit Relationship’. Presently, in addition to a meticulous approach over the objectives of KONARK LITERATURE FESTIVAL, Bhubaneswar, scheduled on 14th & 15th September 2019; he is seriously engaged with his forthcoming two more fictions expected to be unleashed by the end of this year.

VISION : He ensures all intellectual minds align with best of class writings, illuminating the substantial atmosphere emitting the array of new thoughts towards the literary society. He has promised to commemorate the new as well as existing authors to inspire their work availing a self-recognition within. He assumes a lot many participation from the literary world like bloggers, freelancers, Editors, literary service providers, reviewers, publishers and book lovers benefited while befitting their presence. He anticipates an accreditation, The Festival, The Author’s Fair; really actuate a rich experience through the discussions and deviations, interactions and various literary activities during the span. He welcomes all to join and step into the temple city, Bhubaneswar.